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One of the frequent requests of Diginnate users after knowing and knowing their characteristics and potentials is communication It is simple and familiar with experts and reputable institutions that can help in personal development and improve their weaknesses get what they need and be able to develop their talents.

For example:

  • A person who realizes his leadership talent in organizational characteristics can attend professional leadership courses
  • Or a person who has become aware of his talent in the academic or professional sector can participate in the professional courses of relevant specialists
  • People who need useful and effective advice in the areas of personal characteristics can receive the necessary advice
  • And ...

In this regard, we intend to introduce reputable experts and institutions (which have provided professional and reliable solutions in the past and brought complete satisfaction to the clients) so that Diginnate users can, after receiving information and knowing about the features directly benefit from the advice, expertise and experiences of these professors.

Research Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences
Ministry of Science, Research and Technology Research Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences

Dr. Torabian
Dr. Mohammad Reza Torabian
consultant and expert in the field of coaching and leadership
Dr. Farshad Rohani Shahraki
Dr. Farshad Rouhani Shahraki
Consultant and expert in the field of child psychology and talent identification
Dr. Farshad Rouhani Shahraki
Mr. Amin Jahangiri
music expert
Dr. Farshad Rouhani Shahraki
Dr. Behrouz Naqsh
Consultant and expert in the field of psychology and evaluation and organizational behavior
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Mr. Engineer Esfandiar Mehrandish
Mr. Engineer Esfandiar Mehrandish
Expert consultations in the field of macro-organizational management
Mr. Dr. Majid Jalali
Dr. Majid Jalali
Advisor and expert in the field of football
Dr. Yaser Ehsan
Dr. Yaser Ehsan
consultant and specialist in the field of human resources
Dr. Mahmood Moazami
Dr. Mahmoud Moazzami
Lecturer in sales psychology, personal and business coaching
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Support (WhatsApp): 09025551259
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